Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

Hotrodders Choice - Free download ! Limited

We give away 1000 free downloads of this amazing CD ! Hurry we got more than 900 downloads since december 2009 ! Up = Up, First come, first serve !
 Track List:

Eddy & The Backfires - I Feel Rockin
Hopped Up - Hopped Up
Satellite V - Speed Limit Daddy
Ike And The Capers - Love My Ford
Bones Maki - Tiger In The Tank
Kieron Mc Donald - Dragstrip Girl
Cherry Casino - Hospital Blues
Rayburn Anthony - Cool Cool Car
Doug Wilshire - Long Gone Baby
Roundup Boys - Im On My Way
Cumnerland Runners - Paradise Road
Fireball Steven - Hot Rod Daddy
Ballroom Rockets - Ridin In The Moonlight
Chrome Daddies - Brand New Caddilac
George And The Hustlers - Golden Rocket
Eddy & The Backfires - Hot Rods On Main
Charlie Gracie - Im Movin On
Wailin Elroys - Hot Rod Road
Cumberland Runners - Kentucky Moonshine
Pep Torres - Meter Maid
Roundup Boys - Gonna Find My Car
Satellite V - Hillbilly Nitro
Johnny Law - Whitewall Boogie
Rusty & The Dragstrip Trio - Rock Bop Trio
Wailin Elroys - Studebaker Boogie
Star Mountain Dreamers - Trail Burning
Mystery Gang - Bang Bang Boogie

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PS. this is the old artwork that we wanted to use...