Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

TNT on the runways

THOSE explosions you may be Hearing lately aren't Nevada bomb tests or fall thunderstorms—they're just the dazzling detonations set off from coast to coast by the eight power-packed peelers gracing these pages. Part of the noise is caused by the ovations that greet all the members of this oomph octet whenever they appear in theater or nightclub to further the great American art of exotic dancing. The rest of the disturbance probably has a complicated scientific explanation involving the terrific heat waves generated by the girls' exotic routines.

Some of the burley stars here are familiar favorites, and others of more recent arrival, but there is no Intention to slight anybody's special rave. One of the nice things about burlesque is the continuing surge of new talent that guarantees continuing robust health to the ancient art. So if your favorite's not here, stick around—she's show up later, and meanwhile, dig the newcomers!